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Champ Landfill

Please review the list of acceptable and unacceptable items for disposal outlined below.  If you have a question about wastes for disposal, please contact us in advance of bringing the material to the landfill.  Call Champ Landfill at 314-279-5777 or email us.

Please review the list of Champ Landfill's accepted and unaccepted materials.

Accepted Landfill Materials

Examples of Acceptable Waste Types

  • Clean fill - soil
  • Concrete and asphalt
  • Construction debris
  • Farm or agricultural waste
  • Household municipal waste (Includes carpet, furniture, mattresses)
  • Non-hazardous commercial waste
  • Tires that are chipped or shredded only
  • Tree branches over 6 inches in diameter

Special Waste Needs Preapproval

Call the office at 314-279-5777 or email us

Unaccepted Landfill Materials

Examples of Unaccepted Waste Types

  • Appliances (major)
  • Bulk liquids
  • Explosives
  • Highly flammable or volatile substances
  • Propane gas containers
  • Radioactive materials
  • Regulated infectious waste
  • Regulated quantities of hazardous waste
  • Regulated quantities of PCB
  • Septic tank pumpings
  • Tires, Whole
  • Toxic waste
  • Waste oil
  • Yard waste (keep separate for green waste recycling)

Green Waste Recycling

For safety reasons, yard waste materials are only accepted Monday through Friday.  They are closed on Saturdays.  If you have a question about what kind of green wastes are accepted for recycling, please call Hansen's Environmental Wood Resources at 636-379-1830.

Flyer listing unaccepted and accepted  recycled material by Champ Landfill.

For your convenience, the Champ Landfill also provides a location on site that accepts green waste for recycling. Please read what green waste materials are accepted and unaccepted and keep green wastes separate from other materials.

Accepted Green Materials

Examples of Acceptable Green Waste

  • Brush and logs 6 inches or less in diameter
  • Christmas trees
  • Garden vegetation
  • Leaves
  • Sawdust
  • Untreated or unpainted lumber & pallets
  • Wood chips
  • Yard clippings

Unaccepted Green Materials

Examples of Unaccepted Green Waste Types

  • Bio solids
  • Decorative or ceremonial items
  • Dead animals
  • Human waste
  • Liquid waste
  • Stumps, roots, or shrubs with intact root balls
Other organic material not specially listed