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Champ Landfill Aesthetics Improvements

Storm water management and aesthetical improvements have been scheduled for fall 2016 at Champ Landfill.  Our landfill is undergoing a project started in October 2016 to improve storm water management, detention, and erosion control on and around facilities.

Storm water terracing is being constructed to route rainwater that falls on the landfill’s soil cover to the detention ponds while minimizing erosion.

Storm water terracing

Letdowns of fabric and rock

Storm water terracing are constructed around the side landfill at low slopes to slow the speed of rainwater.  At the end of each storm water terrace is a storm water letdown.  These storm water letdowns act as “staircases” for rainwater collected in the terraces.  The letdowns are constructed using much greater slopes, run down the face of a landfill, and are filled with fabric and rock to further slow the speed of rainwater as it is diverted from the landfill’s soil cover to a detention basin.

 Seeding and erosion matting

Both storm water terraces and letdowns must be seeded and covered to grow vegetation to further reduce the risk of erosion.  Champ Landfill is in the process of seeding and placing erosion matting (in the place of straw) to the storm water terraces and letdown outer slopes.  Vegetation has the additional benefit of improved aesthetics as well!

 Vegetation improves aesthetics

Champ Landfill is committed to serving our neighbors and apologizes for an temporary inconveniences.  Ultimately, Champ Landfill wishes to become a community asset that provides a safe means of disposal for non-recycled St. Louis waste.

Anyone with questions or comments may call 314-291-0087 or complete our contact form.

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