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Leachate System Disposal Improvements

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Leachate is liquids present in disposed waste in a landfill, or rainwater that infiltrates through a landfill’s cover.  Given the chemical and analytical make-up of landfill leachate, it cannot be discharged to a natural waterway (stream, river, lake, etc.).  Champ Landfill has a direct discharge of landfill leachate to the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD).  MSD both regulates and treats St. Louis’ sewage in a safe and responsible manner before returning the clean water to surrounding waterways.

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Champ Landfill Aesthetics Improvements

Storm water management and aesthetical improvements have been scheduled for fall 2016 at Champ Landfill.  Our landfill is undergoing a project started in October 2016 to improve storm water management, detention, and erosion control on and around facilities.

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Landfill Gas Wellfield Expansion

Champ Landfill is currently in the process of expanding its landfill gas collection and control system.  Work began in early October 2016, and should be complete by mid-December 2016.

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The News section of the Champs Landfill is designed to keep customers and neighboring communities up-to-date about ongoing and future activities at the landfill.

For example, as the Champ Landfill invests in improvements like the installation of new landfill gas extraction wells, we may anticipate a condition at the landfill that may cause temporary odors.

At these times, we will issue an appropriate and timely notice that includes information about the cause, the anticipated length, and what actions we are taking to address the odors.


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