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Champ Landfill Uses an Odor Suppressant System

Champ Landfill routinely uses an odor suppressant at designated locations throughout the facility in order to limit fugitive odors generated onsite. 

These suppressants are sprayed through a misting fence at the entrance to the facility, and near the intersection of I-70 and Maryland Heights Expressway. 

Champ Landfill also has a mobile unit onsite that is used for special events, such as concerts, high school football games, and on some construction projects.

For more information, please view the following links for the specific project and it’s uses, and also the Safety Data Sheet below.


Champ Landfill

Champ Landfill




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The News section of the Champs Landfill is designed to keep customers and neighboring communities up-to-date about ongoing and future activities at the landfill.

For example, as the Champ Landfill invests in improvements like the installation of new landfill gas extraction wells, we may anticipate a condition at the landfill that may cause temporary odors.

At these times, we will issue an appropriate and timely notice that includes information about the cause, the anticipated length, and what actions we are taking to address the odors.


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